Ulrich – Restaurant Review

Ulrich is located at St.Ulrichsplatz in Vienna 7th District, easy to reach from the u-bahn station Volkstheater and a really lovely old place in Vienna (something around 1211!).
But now to the restaurant. The boyfriend and me strolled around and landed in front of their doors. I recently read about this place and wanted to try it out but since we had reserved a table for dinner only in a few hours to come we decided to have only a small snack and tea plus coffee.






The place was pretty full with people but it did not affect the service which was quite fast.
We chose the flat Ulrich with pesto and cheese and got this reaaally crispy and yummy dish for only 2,5€.
The boyfriend seemed happy with his coffee and I enjoyed my sencha tea.
Next time we have to come back with an empty tummy for breakfast/brunch which was recommended to me by lots of people.


6 thoughts on “Ulrich – Restaurant Review

  1. Have been there lately for the first time and I really loved it!
    We went there for dinner and what I liked most were the small dishes they have, so you can taste different things.
    Nice review! (:

      1. It is :D Maybe it would be better if they made a bigger plate of it then x)

        P.S. You might have seen that I nominated you for “Liebster Award” :) Further info in my blog!

  2. Haha yes but then you can’t taste the other dishes or worse, have no space for dessert :P

    Oh thanks a lot! Just saw your post now and great questions, can’t wait to answer them :)

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