8th of March – Woman Day

There are many interesting events in Vienna focusing on women and gender discrimination. I want to tell you about three events I find most interesting.

  • Did you know that women were only allowed to study at the University of Vienna from 1879 onwards? The university exists since 1365..
    Focusing on women at the university through history but with a focus on the present as well, you can have a special tour at the main university building.
    More information here.
  • You can also visit the Kunsthistorisches Museum and have a special tour about powerful women throughout history.
    With some luck and if you participate today you can win two tickets to this special show!
  • In WienMuseum you can discover forgotten but important women and look at art and objects which show women in different perspectives. Clichès, emancipation and also alternative lifestyles of women are in focus as well.


    Have a wonderful day, also to the gents of course :)


2 thoughts on “8th of March – Woman Day

  1. I love the silhouette/impression in the University’s courtyard. I’m embarrassed to say that I never heard of Woman’s Day until I read this post, but apparently it’s meant to be an internationally recognized day…I shall spread the word!

    1. Yes it certainly is an old but beautiful university!
      Hope you enjoyed today! It is actually founded by the UN and this years theme was: Equality for women is progress for all. :)

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