Bristol Lounge – Restaurant Review

The Restaurantwochen are over now already but I still need to tell you about my lunch at Bristol Lounge with Erwin.

It is very central and easy to reach since it’s literally next to an U-bahn exit of Karlsplatz but this is just one positive aspect.

The waiters were being very attentive and the ambience was amazing, it was definitely in my top-three-most-fancy-restaurants-I-have-ever-been-in-my-life as you can see from the picture. Erwin was wowed as well, not sure how many fancy places he has seen in his life though.


I did not make a picture of the bread because everyone knows how bread looks like but mostly because I forgot but nevermind that, look at their dips instead ;)
Olive oil with salt and then feta cream with rosemary. Yummy and refreshing, a good combination with the soup.


For starters we had truffled celery soup and I seemed to already know that this would not suit my taste buds. Yes I do not like celery but I have an even greater dislike for truffles. I was glad that I actually liked the soup even though I dislike both components, so great job on that! I did sneak some chunks of celery into Erwins soup.


Next up was the super soft beef cheek with corn, popcorn, mini corn, and corn puree. It was just so yummy,  I especially loved the meat in combination with the popcorn.
I think I have to try out some steak at home with popcorn as my side dish, no kidding!


Last but not least the kleiner brauner which is the austrian coffee slang for espresso with cream.
Again I was surprised how lovely this dish tasted even though I am not a huge coffee fan.

I especially loved the attention of details with the chocolate spoon and the fried mint leave.It looked great and was the perfect finish for such a lunch in a wonderful ambience for only 19€!!


Oh wait this was actually not the end, we received some more, truffles filled with alcohol to be precise!
A very sweet gesture. Pun intended.


I would love to return again for a special occasion, I think it is worth a visit!



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