Huth- Da Max – Restaurant Review

At the moment we have Restaurantwoche in Austria which means that in specific uptown restaurants you can dine a lot cheaper than you normally would.
I totally forgot to post about this special offer but there is another Restaurantwoche in Summer which I will let you know beforehand!
The website is here if you want to check it out.
A three course lunch is 19€ and a three course dinner is 29€ excluding drinks. Also if a restaurant has two or more Hauben (which are awards and I don’t know the english translation for that but you know what I mean, right?) you have to pay 10€ extra.

The boyfriend and me went yesterday to Da Max and we were positively impressed, mainly by the super soft Angus steak but let’s start from the beginning.

I liked the dark ambience, my camera not so much but please bear with the pictures I managed to take :)


The three-course menu offered two options with an additional vegetarian option if you asked for it.

For starters the boyfriend went with US roast beef with mustard sauce and pignoli-pepperonata while I had molten cheese with caramelized onions and apples.


Very fresh and light, I would have liked a bit more seasoning on this roast beef though. The bread had this characteristic smoky flavour from the charcoal-grill. Mhm!


My wonderful and gooey molten cheese! Perfect combination with the caramelized onions and the sweet apple, I really enjoyed this dish.

For mains we both took the Angus beef which was medium rare and perfectly soft, grilled over a charcoal-grill and served with vegetable terrine and parmesan-potato creme. The flavour of the meat was amazing and it felt like a fluffy cloud in your mouth.


After the two courses we were already pretty stuffed, I don’t know how we managed the desserts but we did somehow.

Desserts were picked and I ended up with a massive creme brulée on fire with complimenting mocha ice cream and berries while the boyfriend had lemon cake and vanilla ice cream.


Great crust on the creme brulée and the combination with the mocha fit very well.


The cake lacked a bit the lemon taste, it was very subtle but all in all a well done cake!

The service was attentive and very charming, I can definitely recommend you this place and shall return again to try out their burgers!
But for now my food baby and me wish you a good night ;)


2 thoughts on “Huth- Da Max – Restaurant Review

    1. Thank you Bonnie! I do hope you will visit Vienna someday and this restaurant of course ;) The charcoal-grill gives the ingredients this fantastic flavour but sadly not many restaurants in Vienna use this method but that’s why I chose to try out the restaurant in the first place :)

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