Der Schweizer – Cheeseshop

The boyfriend and me had a stroll in the first district when I glimpsed a small shop offering cheese and waving a swiss flag.
Delighted I rushed over and of course totally forgot to take pictures of the place.

I was already enchanted by all those huge and wonderful smelling cheese loaf.
The friendly cheese seller offered me samples and I chose one of the more tangy cheeses – 18 moth’s old Gruyère. Yum!
There is something special about old cheese, I love very old Gouda aswell.


If I would have to choose between chocolate or cheese, chocolate would lose big-time. I always enjoyed cheese and chocolate just can’t compete ;)


I could not help myself and nibbled already on the cheese before taking a picture.


Der Schweizer is located at Wollzeile 15 and their website is here with more information about their wonderful cheese selection (mostly Swiss cheese but also some from Great Britain).


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