Brass Monkey aka my favourite cupcake place in Vienna

This tiny jewel of a cosy coffee and cupcake place is located at Gumpendorferstraße 71.


It is becoming a habit of mine and the boyfriend to stop by for some sweet delights.
Yesterday when we went there again they even offered a vegan cookie sunday, beside vegan cupcakes. It looked super tasty but we already had stuffed ourselves and may try it out next time.


I am always drawn towards cupcakes in a combination with chocolate and fresh fruits. Here the frosting was cream cheese with nutella and raspberry. Mhm~
The moist cupcake base is definitely better than in most places and I enjoy their cream cheese frostings more than the normal buttercream, which is always so heavy and rich.


I just love their cacao, they melt the chocolate with milk in a pan and pour it in a mug in front of you for some show factor ;)
You can choose between milk or dark chocolate and a cup is 3,5€ if I am not mistaken.
The boyfriend always loves the foam on top of his coffee, can’t say much about the coffee though since I don`t drink it but he likes it  a lot!

The interior is cute and simple, with a long table for all customers to share.
The only thing that I would add are some labels for the cupcakes since you always need to ask which flavours they have but beside this, there is nothing to complain about.


Oh and they have a special offer that if you take 5 cupcakes the 6th is for free ;)

Some more Instagram pictures to show you:






12 thoughts on “Brass Monkey aka my favourite cupcake place in Vienna

  1. I am waiting for an excuse to get me to walk past these doors so I can sneak inside and grab something to snack on! Have you tried out the new bakery near Landstrasse yet? Joseph? It’s really really really good! I promise I don’t work there or anything, my friend took me there over the weekend and I can’t stop thinking about their Almond Butter Croissants! :)

    1. You can take the bus from Neubaugasse and a good excuse: you need to rest your feet and tank up some yummy coffee and calories from shopping so much ;)
      I know and love their shop in the first district, did not manage to visit the shop at Landstraße but it is on my to-do list! Oh yes almond croissants I love them as well!
      Tart’a tata also have almond croissants but only bake them once a day so you have to be quick.

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