Loving Hut – Restaurant Review

Loving Hut is a vegan restaurant, located in two places in Vienna, at Neubaugasse and Favoritenstraße.


The boyfriend and me decided spontaneous to try it out and went for the one in the 10th district (Favoritenstraße for all not-Viennese people ;))
We arrived right on the doorstep at the opening time and chose the seat next to the heater since it was still cold that night.


I skimmed through the card and was wowed by the value-for-money ratio  since they make sure that their products are not GMO and most of their fruit and vegetables is biological and from fair trade as stated on their website.


As a starter we chose the golden wontons (4,2€ for 7 pieces) which was a solid dish. Crispy on the outside with a yummy and succulent filling.

For mains I went with Bun Thit Nuong (8,99€)  and the boyfriend had Combo spicy chacha.


My dish was excellent, it was perfectly seasoned and I am not 100% sure what my “meat” was but it was really similar to meat with a nice smoky note from the wok. Everything worked really nicely together and yes I am recommending you this dish ;)


The “meat” from the Combo spicy chacha was nice and crispy I liked the seasoning of my dish more though.

The desserts are also  fairly priced but we were too stuffed to eat some more. I would love to try out their banana split (3,99€).

They offer a two-course lunch offer for only 7,5€, I will have to try it out in the near future!

Their homepage is here and I hope you enjoy your food as much as we did!


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