Formosa – Vegan Restaurant review


Formosa is nestled in a side street of Mariahilferstraße in the Barnabitengasse 6 and is a small restaurant also selling vegan snacks and a proper shop is next door. The boyfriend and me wanted to check out the shop but it was closed for some reason, so I can just tell you about the restaurant.


I was intriguied by the drinks they had in the display window but sadly they only offer them in summer. I shall come back to get myself this mango yakult drink!

After taking a long time choosing between the yummy sounding dishes we chose to share the lemon “chicken”. The dish was tasty and I liked the soy stuff trying to be chicken but the sauce was a tad too sour. Probably because of all those chunks of lemon in the sauce.
Next time I will have to try out their burgers, the cute family opposite of us seemed to enjoy them a lot.
I ordered some green tea and was delighted when I got a huge cup of tea for just 2€!


Beware, the restaurant is quite small and only offers seats to about 12 people but you can take-away your order too.

The boyfriend tested out another vegan restaurant without me but keeps on raving about it and their perfect seasoning to all of our friends. It is called loving hut. I will have to try it out for you guys, or have you went there already?


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