Eau de Moiselle perfum – Givenchy

With this bleak and cold weather in Vienna at the moment with occasional snowfall I love flowery perfumes to get myself in a better mood. I recently bought Eau de Moiselle by Givenchy and love it! It is perfect for shaking off this grey winter with its perfect feminine and elegant mix of freshness.


The cedar wood base is paired with musk and tonka beans. For the heart notes, roses are combined with ylang ylang and orange blossoms for this lovely flower smell. The top notes consist of mandarin orange and italian winter lemon with some Japanese basil (Shiso).


In case you want to check it out yourself, douglas has it, click here.

The perfume bottle is so cute and elegant too, I think it fits the perfume really well.


What is your favourite perfume at the moment? Do you enjoy flowery perfumes in winter aswell?


5 thoughts on “Eau de Moiselle perfum – Givenchy

  1. Beautiful post, looking at the elegant pictures, I can imagine how lovely the perfume must smell. I love Gucci Envy…it’s flowery without smelling sweet. =)

  2. I like ‘cold’ perfume for cold weather. Balmain de Balmain is my favorite, and so is Chanel 19.

    Of course a whiff of spices and amber is much appreciated too. Ambre Gris,

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