Pirker Mariazeller Lebkuchen – Gingerbread

I love gingerbread! It is the perfect sweet weapon against cold, windy, rainy/snowy days!
When it comes to gingerbread there should be no skimping on the honey and this brand is my favourite because their gingerbread always contains at least 50% honey. This makes them also more expensive compared to the supermarket brands but for the quality and this amount of liquid gold, it is a good deal, let me tell you!

They recently opened a shop at Stephansplatz which you should check out, the shop looks super cute!


They even found some old crest on the ceiling from the 17th century while renovating . How cool is that?!


They don’t just sell gingerbread though they also offer alcoholic beverages like wine, mead and liqueurs.


You can roam around their website and check out all their different gingerbread creations: http://www.lebkuchen-pirker.at/


4 thoughts on “Pirker Mariazeller Lebkuchen – Gingerbread

    1. In case you did not look it up yet, mead is also called honey-wine and a very sweet alcoholic beverage, especially great in winter!
      It can also contain spices like cinnamon to make it even more tasty :)

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