Nascha’s – Restaurant Review

Nascha’s moved from the 9th district and recently re-opened at Petersplatz 11 in the first district. On the ground floor is the bistro with cakes and lunch items and in the basement they have their restaurant.

A bit over the top is  their burger deluxe which is made of wagyu beef, foie gras and truffled egg for 32€.
For me it is all about the taste, maybe it does taste great but I suspect it is more about the “special” ingredients and the feeling of luxury they are selling through it. But hey if they can make money with it and people like it, why not. I’ll stick with a less expensive burger from my all-time favourite burger place the Burgermacher :)


Probably due to their new location the prices (especially the food) got a bit higher the prices for my hot chocolate (3,5€), the cappuccino (3,7€) and the raspberry tartlet (5€)  were not that bad.


I enjoyed my hot chocolate with its nice chocolate flavour, not too overpowering and just how I like it.
The raspberry tartlet tasted ok, the dough was cold and tasted a bit old though.


All in all it is a quite comfy place in the first district to sit down and relax from shopping at Kärtnerstraße or to have a quick catch up with girlfriends.

Here is their website:



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