Saturday walk & Rauch Juice Bar

Saturday is THE day to go to the famous flea market at Naschmarkt.


1 pm is already considerably late for going there because some stalls are already packing their belongings so go there early!

I did not spot anything I really wanted and so walked up towards Mariahilferstraße.


The statue on the rooftop is shouting something. I love the golden details on the house too!


Up the stairs and voilà you are at Mariahilferstraße!

Rauch Juice Bar is located at Neubaugasse and they offer freshly made smoothies, juices but also sandwiches and free wi-fi ;)

The first time I have been there I made a wrong choice and took a smoothie (fruits mixed with milk). Bad mistake and the result was looots of tummy ache..

This time I opted for the drink flirt, which contains apples, basil, strawberries and red pepper.


The juice was really tasty maybe a tad too much pepper but I liked it (the boyfriend not that much though).

They have a nice lunch offer which is a juice with a sandwich for 7,95€.


On the left is a room with glass walls where they store their fruit they use. I like the concept that you can see their fresh ingredients.

The juices are not cheap, a medium cup is 3,85€ but once in a while I think it is okay to treat yourself to some healthy juice.

Also a motivation to eat more fruits at home, a lot cheaper ;)


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