Das Turm – Restaurant Review

My Dad gave me as a Christmas present a voucher for a 5 course menu for two people at Das Turm which I tried out with my darling this week.

Getting there by public transport was an adventure because it is located near Meidling and on the other side of Vienna from my perspective.

Located on the 22nd floor and the room being shaped like a circle, we had a great view over Vienna (it was too dark to take nice picture so just food pics!).

First came the greeting from the kitchen which tasted amazing. I loved it and up until the dessert was my favourite dish this evening.
The only things I can recall are the black chestnut and the cottage cheese on top but the taste of the mousse? Unknown yet delicious!


The first course was a really tasty beef tartar with some mist from dry ice (to make it look fancy?)

Yes I was too focused on the food so when I wanted to make a picture of the “fog” it was kinda gone already.


Next up was a delicious parsnip soup with a hint of cinnamon. The boyfriend did not seem to like parsnip too much but I really liked the blend of the ingredients and the slightly sweetness in the soup. Not the best pic but you know how it is to take a decent picture of a soup + in a restaurant.


After this we had a grapefruit foam and we both liked this course least of all. Maybe the bitterness? But also the consistence of the foam did not appeal to me.


The main course finally showed up and was a delicious combination of calve liver on polenta with red beets. It was super yummy, I just loved the combination.
The meat was a bit overcooked though and not that soft but hey whatever I still liked it.


Last and best, the dessert! Normally one get’s some lame old mousse au chocolat or chocolate lava cake and we were positively surprised when we had coconut ice cream, pineapple dices and coconut baiser. Ice-cream with fruit and baiser is a dessert I just have to love. I love ice-cream! I should try out some support group, I love it that much.. back to the food though ;)


All in all we really enjoyed our dinner, it is just so far away and a bit expensive.

Thanks Dad for the present! The food, the ambience and the staff made it a great evening.



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