Antiques shopping – Marithé + François Girbaud

I just love old and rusty stuff. I think it began when I was a small kid and spent my week-ends at my grandparents house, looking for old treasures and being surrounded by old/nostalgic/amazing objects.
Rusty old boxes with their great vintage logos fascinate me, so does old kitchen ware.

So when I went for a walk with my darling and we saw in the display of a fashion shop exactly those things that make me happy I could not walk away without buying anything.




This was my personal heaven since I wanted to go on a flea market for ages again and their prices were not that bad. I was a lucky girl that day!

and those are the treasures I bought: (I love them so much!)



In case you want to drop by and look through old rusty stuff yourself here is their website and a plan how to get there –

I asked the sales lady and she told me that they always change their offers and sometimes have furniture for sale so you better be quick!





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