Sweet side of life – Chocolate

When we had a little stroll around Karlsplatz my darling and me stumbled over this shop called “Grand Whisky”.
He is the whisky drinker not me, but I was intrigued by the chocolate they offered.

Drawn in from the beautiful design, we decided to try Willies Cacao- Sambirano 71 and Chocolat Bonnat – with almonds.


The chocolates had their price, Willies Cacao was 3,8€ and the Chocolat Bonnat was 5,8€.



I could persuade him to be my hand model for the day. Wohoo!


The chocolate Bonnet was very creamy and easily melts in the mouth (and on your fingers) but I missed the almond flavour a bit, some crunchiness from the almonds would have been nice. It was a good chocolate but the high price won’t let me buy it anytime soon again. Willies Cacao is still to be tested!

In case you want to check out the shop, here is a link to their website (only in german but hey google translate can help wonders ;)):


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