Secret Santa gift arrived – Reddit

I participated in the online gift exchange by Reddit and recently received my gift.

My person still does not seem to have received my gift, she lives in Canada and the packet was sent over Christmas so it may take a while but it is nearly a month and I am already getting a bit nervous.

But now to the gift I received! I was delighted when I saw the parcel in my post box and knew my Secret Santa gift has arrived.


It turned out to be a Tardis watch! I like to wear watches and anything Doctor Who related is definitely a plus. The sad part is that there is a part missing and I cannot attach the wristband to the watch. A mystery to me why it came to me in two pieces?

After the failure of attaching the parts, I wrote my Secret Santa if I could get information on the shop where she bought it but did not get any reply (yet)…

I am a bit disappointed and will not participate the next event but it still was an interesting experience since I love secret santa games.

Did you participate in any secret santa game? What is your experience? :)


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