Work outing – Sledding at Semmering Zauberberg

Technically not really about Vienna but a lot of Viennese people come here for winter sport since it is only 1 hour away from Vienna and the closest place for winter activities like skiing, snow boarding and sledding.

We had a great weather but because it was around 5-10° the snow was artificial and got mushy soon in the afternoon.

shooting_vienna2014 shooting_vienna2014

shooting_vienna2014 shooting_vienna2014

shooting_vienna2014 shooting_vienna2014

I never knew sledding could be this much fun, normally you just go down a hill slope and that’s that, not much excitement after one or two times. Even though yesterday was a holiday, there were not that many people. The only downside is that I had normal jeans and no waterproof pants plus leather boots which did not like to get that wet.shooting_vienna2014
Learn from my mistake and go there prepared so you won’t get wet and have to worry about getting sick again, which I did not by the way, lucky me!


After all that hard work out we had some yummy Austrian food at Enzianhütte, which is located in the middle of the sledding route.
We had dessert at another Restaurant (because of a misunderstanding someone from our group missed lunch with us) which was near the parking space but the food was not that great. All the desserts seemed to miss something and tasted bland rather go somewhere else. There was a pizzeria right across which looked nice!

Here is more information in case you want to go sledding yourself at Zauberberg and want to check out their prices :)


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