Sick already

It is really seldom that I am sick but I managed to be sick really fast in 2014.
Fever, headache, pain in my back and chills.. You name it!
What really helped me was some rest, warmth (cuddling and very hot showers), medicine, herbal tea and watching series (Sherlock & lie to me) and of course my love to cheer me up. He did a really great job and being sick seemed less bad with him around.


If one of your loved ones is sick you can easily fix up a useful tray for them with honey and lemon (which should be prepared with hot water), some herbal tea, funny random bandages (just for fun), some hand warmer (because I really felt cold and shivered in the night), some good lip balm, a cream for the face which instantly leaves it smoother and makes me hopefully less sick looking and also some chewing gum for boredom. I would also recommend to put some fresh fruit in front of their noses and a thermometer.

Tomorrow is an outing with my workmates, hope I am fit enough for whatever is planned.. don’t wanna miss it!


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