Happy New Year – Hello 2014

Well it is this time of year again, 2013 passed by really quickly!
I hope every one of you will have a great evening and a much greater year ahead of you.

I started a jar I  which I would put in paper slips of good and memorable moments I had in the year 2013. Can’t wait to reread all of my great moments this year. You can start one “happy moment jar” yourself for next year and you will be surprised at the end of the year of all those happy moments :)


Me holding up the good moments of January. I sorted my moments by each month but you can choose however you like it.

My blog actually turns 1 year on the 1.1.2014 and I must say I did a pretty lousy job. I was often too lazy or uninspired to post something but this brings me to my new years resolutions.

  • First of all, more quality posts about Vienna
  • Learning Spanish – at least to A2 level
  • Finishing my Bachelor Degree in International Development
  • eating more healthy and at least sports twice a week

How about you? Do you have any specific New Year resolutions? I think it’s best if you just have a few because too many will make you feel too pressured.


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year – Hello 2014

  1. Wupp wupp, hab total viele Einträge nachzuholen~
    Wie viele “happy moments” hattest du denn 2013? Ich werd mir dieses Jahr auch ein Glas anlegen, find die Idee so toll.

    Du willst Spanisch lernen? Oha, das klingt echt gut!!
    Hast ziemlich gute Vorsätze fürs neue Jahr, hoffe, du kannst sie alle bewältigen. Fighting! ♥

    Habe meine Neujahrsvorsätze auch in meinem LJ festgehalten:
    “I want to stay healthy and eat more fruits and drink more water.
    I want to be a little more confident in my studies and face my fear of oral exams in order to be more successful than in 2013.
    I want to think less about others. Not in a bad way but I guess sometimes I overthink peoples’ opinions or expectations.
    I want to go to Dublin with Bea.
    I want to celebrate NYE 2014 in London with my twin.
    I want to enjoy 2014 to the fullest.”
    Hoffe, ich kann sie alle einhalten bzw sie erfüllen sich. :)

  2. Uff, also das Glas war ziemlich voll, ich kann mich nicht beklagen und dank dieser Methode erinnert man sich auch an kleine Glücksmomente und ja bitte mach dir auch so ein Glas :)

    Danke! Ich hab zwar noch nicht angefangen weil ich grad soviel zu tun habe für die Uni, aber im Februar wenn ich Zeit habe, fange ich endlich an mit Spanisch.

    Habe gerade dein LJ angeschaut, finde ich gut! Auch viel Erfolg und Motivation um deine Vorsätze zu erfüllen Herzi :) <3

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