my Christmas aftermath

It was crazy warm here in Vienna for Christmas, we had 11°Degree and it felt like spring.


Nonetheless I was surprisingly in Christmas mood and met Erwin at Cha no ma for matcha and for giving out my present of course.
I forgot how delicious the matcha white choco latte is, I could really taste the white choco in the drink which I loved.





We had the past few years sushi for christmas but this time we made salmon sandwiches which was a nice change but I do prefer the sushi ;)
Here is our christmas tree: 100% plastic and always looking great and green, noo hassle of buying a new one for christmas.


And our after christmas brunch, Uruguayan beef roast with different kinds of salad and potatoes.


And yesterday I finally could watch the Doctor Who Christmas special which left me in tears of Matt Smith’s departure.
The scene with Amy cracked me up. All in all the episode was not that well written in my opinion but there were some heartbreaking scenes in there.


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