Instagram food post

Well since it’s gradually getting colder and I am not up for taking long walks when I am freezing, it is the time to try out new restaurants and eat food in cozy places!


I wanted to try out this Ethiopian restaurant ages ago and now I finally managed it with my sweetheart.
The food was yummy, filling and reminded us of Bosnian food (except the lamb dish and that we were eating with our hands and pancakes instead of cutlery).
As far as I can remember we had Atakilt (carrot, potatoes and string beans) timatim salad (tomato and green pepper) cabbage, two lamb dishes and in the middle was a beef dish. The white stuff was cheese. It did not look like a lot bot we were totally stuffed afterwards!

With Kerstin, Lisa and Yvonne I tried out Sapa’s Brunch and was not disappointed.
The food was great, there was a lot of variety not only with savoury but also with dessert and there was constantly something being refilled.


yummy spring rolls, with three choices of fresh springrolls, fried shrimp rolls and tofu pockets.


Vietnamese spiced goulash soup, the seasoning was nice.


lots of tasty spring rolls, meat skewers and in the background you can catch a glimpse of my Quiche.


I did not make a picture of all cakes we ate, we had a lot of cake and let me tell you, don’t miss the apple cake it is really yummy!

At POC (People On Caffeine) I had some cute looking hot chocolate (it looked better than it tasted, it was a bit watery for my taste) with a white chocolate cheesecake and a speculoos base.
The sweets in POC are made by the sisters who would organize Guerilla Bakery which I would sometimes attend but now that they have settled down I can have regularly their tasty desserts and it is also very near to my university so yay :)



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