El Gaucho – Restaurant Review

El Gaucho opened on the 26.9.13 in Vienna and is one of three restaurants, the other ones being in Baden and Graz.
The restaurant is located in the Design Tower at Praterstraße 1.


For our two-year anniversary we decided to try out their steak and we were not disappointed food and service-wise.

First of all the service was very attentive and it seemed that there was always a waiter near you even though the restaurant is weirdly shaped.
The ambience was ok, no smoking allowed and the noise level was not very high, the tables were too close together though.


Now to the more interesting part, the food.

For the first course they offered us two different kinds of bread (white and the other one brown with tomatoes and a hint of honey), with a generous serving of black olives ham and of course butter (2,90€ each). I liked the waiter for not taking away the bread so we could eat the steaks with the already provided bread.


I chose the 300g rib eye steak (23€) with green beans and bacon as a side dish (3€).

The steak came out medium and was really soft and yummy sadly I did have a lot of fat on my steak which made up at least 30g.

I loved the beans though, this side dish was so yummy I could have eaten this as my main dish!
Different kinds of beans (snow peas, string beans and edamame) were mixed with garlic and bacon. The balance of all the ingredients was perfect.

My beloved took the gaucho skewer with also 300g meat (28€) and steak fries (3€) and chimichurri hot (2€) as side dishes.
His meat was not as fatty as mine and was even softer and more flavourful.
I am used to different chimichurri, this was mediocre and not spicy but still complemented the steak nicely.
The people on the table next to us were also not too fond if their version of chimichurri so I’d recommend to skip it and order the beans!!



All in all I can recommend the restaurant, I may come back for lunch to try out their burger but there are other steak restaurants I still need to try out.


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