November 30 Photo Challenge – What makes me smile

Photo Challenge: What makes me smile


The answer for this picture? Good food of course and spending some quality time with people I like and tasty food. This is me with a steak sandwich by the way. It was awesome. Argentinian beef with chimichurri sauce is the perfect breakfast ;)

Yay the  Photo Challenge is finally over and I can return to studying without having to worry about today’s picture theme. It was fun though and I am glad I finished the challenge with just three skipped photo themes. My arms feel so heavy and dead because of my piloxing class today but I will post something tomorrow, just wanted to have the official last picture of november finally online :)

Hello December <3


2 thoughts on “November 30 Photo Challenge – What makes me smile

  1. quick question, was this picture taken at the UN annual woman’s guild charity bazar? because i have tried the argentinian steak sandwich there and have been craving it ever since! if not, can you please tell me which place/restaurant has this sandwich? Thank you :)

    1. Hi there! Yes you guessed correctly I got it from the Argentinian food stall there :) I know that feeling but I am sadly not aware of any other place serving something similar to that awesome steak sandwich in Vienna. I guess we just have to go there every year to enjoy the taste :)

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