November 23 Photo Challenge – Kindness

Photo Challenge: Kindness


My interpretation: Caritas is a big (christian) aid organisation which was already founded before the first world war, which I did not know. I wanted to something nice this Christmas and offered to be a Christkindl to someone. This means that I would get a letter from someone through Caritas and would fulfill Christmas wishes with a fixed amount to spent. I was glad when a letter arrived that all wishes had been granted already but that I could instead donate for homeless people warm hats, scarves and gloves. I am happy to oblige and want to share kindness through my actions. I can’t imagine to be outside the whole cold winter, with no warm bed, no warm showers, no warm shelter and not knowing if I get warm food.  In case you want to send a small package aswell containing these items (and sweets are welcome too) you can send the package to:

Caritas Canisibus

Römergasse 64-66

1160 Wien


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