End of October Instagram + November Challenge

So are you going to celebrate Halloween tonight? I must confess I am a party pooper in this aspect but then again I cannot really relate to why I should celebrate this day.

Since I could not finish my 365 day photo project I will try out a monthly Instagram challenge now. Created by the Blogger Silver Boxes, I do my best to do this challenge till the end!
Here is a link to her Blog and her November Challenge:  http://stephssilverboxes.blogspot.co.at/2012/10/november-photo-challenge.html

Here are again some random Instagram pictures:


Bear, camera, and flower shaped gingerbread. The dough was (shockingly!) not home-made and weirdly not sweet enough. Oh well


Building near my university. I just love the different shapes working together.


Dawn at Kaisermühlen. So pretty!


super awesome dawn! Glad I could catch that beautiful moment. Same dawn, just some moments later at Kagran.


fancy chocolate from Haas&Haas. Nice to give as a present but the taste was not that better to normal Milka chocolate. Price was 2,20€.


Zotter chocolate for hot cacao. I love them, perfect for cold weather <3


scary fingers my boss made for the customers coming by today at work for trick and treating. They look really good!


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