Demmer’s Tea Workshop

Demmer’s Teehaus is a teashop existing since 1981 and is specialised on loose tea and tea-accessories.
When I saw that they offer various tea workshops for only 25€, I knew I had to attend!
With max. 16 people attending and 4 people not showing up, we were about 10, which was a very comfortable group size.
We first learned the basics of tea (where it grows, what kinds there are etc.) and finally it was time for the tea tasting.

7 black teas on one table and 8 green/oolong/white teas on the other one. I am not really a huge black tea fan but was surprised how tasty the First Flush Darjeeling was. First Flush stands for the first picking and is also related to the quality of the tea, making the First Flush of high quality (and thus more expensive). I think I liked it the most of the black teas because it is similar to a green tea, being somewhat flowery and subtle.
I really disliked the black tea Keemun (China) it had a very pungent smell of something smoked, similar to smoked ham. Not something I would like to have in my tea.
The green teas I liked were: Lung Ching Chun An (China), Gyokuro Asahi (Japan), Genmaicha (Japan), Jasmin Dragon Phoenix Pearls (China).

I know I liked those because we all got a folder with lots of flyers and a list of the teas we would sample, so I always drew an x when I liked a tea. There is also a description of how the tea tastes, making it easier for beginners to taste those flavours. (Well it did help me when I could not describe the flavour.)

After the workshop was over we were allowed to take samples home of the teas we had and I immediately chose Gyokuro Asahi and the Darjeeling First Flush. My sister gave me some of her Jasmin Dragon Phoenix Pearl tea and my Babe took Genmaicha for me so I really had most of my favourites :D

I learned quite a lot and starting with the basics is never a bad idea. The next workshop I will attend is the one for matcha and green tea.

If you want to sign up for a tea workshop aswell, here is the link:


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