Instagram Vienna II

We are so lucky to have so many sunny autumn days at the moment here in Vienna, I love it! It makes the cold creeping up a bit more bearable.

Now to some positive recaps of those two weeks:

  • my love and me celebrated our 22 month’s together by eating delicious burgers at Burgermacher. I had the Chili burger which was really yummy. I love that they have seasonal burgers and always come up with new tasty ideas. And their homemade ketchup.. I could eat it everyday.


  •  I won tickets to Viennafair, which is an art fair. It was quite interesting!shooting_vienna

shooting_vienna shooting_vienna


  • Ice dream factory is closing today for their winter break but before they close up they donate for every ice-cream which is bought till today 1 Euro to the Gruft, which is an organization helping the homeless. Of course I had to buy some ice-cream then!
    I had: Granma’s apple cake, monkey bread (babana ice cream with choco) and snow white strawberry (white choco with strawberries).shooting_vienna
  • At Coco’s place we had a takoyaki party (takoyaki = delicious japanese ball-shaped food made from batter and other ingredients (traditionally octopus) you like to add. In our case we added spring onions, cabbage, corn and cheese)


  • Yesterday I attended the flea market Happy Shit Shopping and found lots of great stuff. shooting_vienna

I spend in total 19€ for 6 lovely items! I especially love those brown Tamaris shoes, since I always wanted to have shoes like these and I got them for only 6€!


  • aaand I saw a rainbow ( which I sadly do not have a picture of)

Have a great week you guys! Mine is quite stuffed with appointments and my final wisdom tooth is coming out on Tuesday. Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “Instagram Vienna II

  1. Wow, 22 Monate schon! Congrats! Hoffentlich werden noch viele viele viele weitere solcher Jubiläen folgen. :)

    Ah, die Schuhe sind echt süß. Richtig toll, dass du die Sachen so günstig bekommen hast. Hoffe, du hast viel Freude damit.

    Granma apple cake hätte ich auch probiert. oishiii~

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