Instagram Vienna I

Since I am still really busy with various things (mostly university work I still haven’t finished yet which I should have one month ago) here is  a short post with some Instagram pictures of darling Vienna ;)


The flak tower in Augarten. I like the look of it even if most people don’t, because it is a part of Austrian history and is a reminder of the second world war. Fun fact: It is the highest flak tower in Vienna.


Zwetschkenknödel = plum dumplings = deliciousness


Amazing pumpkin pie from The Pie Factory (Spitalgasse 15) near Uni campus.


Fleamarket of famous tea or/and coffee houses. I just had to go! Located at the Ottakringer brewery, the wafts of beer could not be ignored ;)

This pretty boy I bought at this flea market for only 6€.


Yummy cupcakes from Guerilla Bakery at Feinkoch. I just loved the cheesecake with raspberry sauce!

and finally some warming and tasty Hojicha Latte from Cha no ma which is not on their menue

Have a nice week everybody!


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