It’s All About the Meat Baby – Restaurant Review

Finally after craving burgers for quite a while already, Lisa, Olivia, Mizu and me went to It’s all about the meat baby.
Quite a catchy and long name for a place. It is a pop-up restaurant operated by the people from Charlie P’s and open till the end of September so if you want to try it out you better not take your time. A downside is that the place does not take reservations.

shootingvienna (1)

shootingvienna (2)

After some time the food arrived, we were all already super hungry. What I did not like was that the food was served on plastic trays with paper. It took away lots of space, was unhandy, and you easily cut the paper with the burger.

shootingvienna (3)
The burgers do not look that big but we all struggled to finish our burgers with the fries, which one has to order separately by the way.
I had the Hot-ass burger 8,9€ which is made of: beef in hot sauce, blue cheese mayo, jalapeno, bacon, tomato, red onion, lettuce in brioche bun.
Even if the other factors did not wow me that much, the burger was tasty, the patty thick enough and medium without being dry or boring. The brioche bread was fluffy and fit well with the meat but this is a personal opinion some people did not like the brioche.
The chili cheese fries from my friends tasted yummy with a nice blend of spices but they complained that the fries got soggy too fast.

shootingvienna (4)

All in all I payd 17€ which I thought was a bit too much for just a burger, fries and a coke. The prices in general for the food shocked me a bit. 5,90€ for a corn-cob or 7,5€ for chili cheese fries. That’s quite something but hey they need to make money over a short amount of time. To end with something positive. The atmosphere was nice at the place with the view on the Donaukanal and the setting sun.


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