Donaukanal near Schwedenplatz is a great place in summer to sit in the shade by the water enjoying the breeze or to go to the Strandbar (beach bar).
Near Schottenring is Flex, a club for local and international musical artists and dj’s. I have only been there once for the Trouble over Tokyo concert which was fantastic!
Characteristic for the Donaukanal is that the graffiti are more or less legal.

shootingvienna (6)

Aventure Time!


Doing some horrible posing. I like to be behind the camera but when somebody takes a picture of me I am like a confused bunny.

shootingvienna (5)

shootingvienna (3)

This frog graffiti in the background is amazingly done!

shootingvienna (7)

Spraying on the Wiener Wand at Roßauer Lände is legal the rest is not but as you can see nobody really cares.

I think it’s a great place and it would be dull without graffiti art  especially since some are really nicely done by people with great talent.


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