Femosa – Shopping

Femosa is located at Neubaugasse 27 near Mariahilferstraße and a great place to find presents for sisters, girlfriends, people you hold dear and best of all to find presents for yourself! They have a wide assortment of plates and cups which a lot of my girlfriends adore. Here the evidence:

shootingvienna2 (3)



I want to have this plate!! Isn’t it super adorable?!

They also offer massage oil and soap which drapes the shop in soothing fragrances.

After wandering around the small side streets of Neubaugasse which are great to find cute little shops my friends and me recognized the Vice-mayor Maria Vassilakou (member of the green party) posing for pictures at the newly build benches.She is on the second bench from the right.

shootingvienna2 (1)


Mariahilferstraße is a popular shopping street and projects are made to convert it into a car-free-zone which I think is quite nice and even if people cannot really see how it should work, the first district around Stephansplatz wasn’t a pedestrian zone before but it works perfectly (and also helps to preserve the old historic buildings).


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