I am not often in the second district but if I am it is most often around Nestroyplatz. Nakwon is an asia shop and sells my beloved corn ice-cream.
When I went for a walk with the boyfriend at Vorgartenstraße I was astounded how different this place felt. It did not seem like Vienna at all.
The buildings were shiny and new and there was a generous amount of space. It had definitely a flair of Berlin.



We came across some funny little plastic blobs that are used as balconies.



And this place was home to some tadpoles and lots of cute tiny little frogs.


shootingvienna110 (1)

Lots of colourful residential houses



I wouldn’t mind living here and not just because of those cute little froggies :)


4 thoughts on “Vorgartenstraße

  1. Oh wow, the blob-balconies look funny but stylish, hahaha :D
    I wouldn’t mind living there, too. It seems as if you have still enough nature to enjoy though there are so many apartment buildings.

  2. Come down vorgartengstrasse a little bit and then you see old old buildings, homeless people and rubbish everywhere! Dog poo too!
    I feel district 2 is very diverse, you have the lovely area up vorgartenstrasse and by the Danau, near Prater and near Augarten, and then the other parts…
    Nice pics, thanks for sharing ;)

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