Da Moritz – Restaurant Review

Due to the Restaurantwochen my Dad and me reserved lunch at Da Moritz. With this special week you could get a three-course lunch for 19€ and a three-course dinner for 29€ at fine dining places in Vienna.
Here is their website so you can participate next time and get to know new restaurants for less money.
Da Moritz is located in the first district and serves Italian food. I did not know what to expect and was hugely positively surprised and wowed.


We got served soft white italian bread, black and green olives and brown bread with carrots.
I really liked the olives, they were not salty and it fit really well with the brown bread.
This dish was not included and cost 2€ per person.


My dad had poached char on pea-mint cream with sweet and sour honey melon.
I just tasted a tiny bit of the fish which had a great texture, I loved this presentation!


I had belly pork from a duroc pig with pointed pepper, smoked aubergine and young herbs.
This pork was so amazing! Hands down! I believe it was the best pork I ever had in my life.
Soft and succulent, if pork always tasted like this I could easily eat it everyday!

shootingvienna 100

The main dish of my dad was the red snapper filet on puntalette – vegetable salad, pesto and radish foam.
I was too busy with my main dish to try it but he seemed very pleased with it.


Rumpsteak with mango and olive polenta with java pepper and braised chicory was my main dish.
And yes it was as amazing as it looks! Normally I am not a fan of meat paired with fruits but it fit perfectly.
The mangos had the right amount of sweetness and with the olives and the polenta and the steak it had a great flavour combination.

shootingvienna 102

My dad chose the cold peach soup with curd and grenadine.
Again the flavours here were fantastic and paired very nicely.


I had the liquid chocolate cake with passionfruit sorbet.
liquid chocolate cakes are the more boring desserts since chefs are not that great with dessert.
It was alright but the passionfruit sorbet made up for it with it’s sourness.

In case you want to check out their website.

Huth- Da Moritz Website: http://www.zum-huth.at/moritz/


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