Alte Donau

Alte Donau is the german name for old Danube and it is a side branch but not connected to the main river called Neue Donau which of course means new Danube :)

shootingvienna81 (1)

It is a great spot in summer and I am glad to not live far away from it. You can swim in the Danube and rent different kind of boats (if you are feeling lazy you can rent an electric one) to roam around on the water.
The Angelibad brings back memories.. it is a bathing beach with swimming pools and also offer mini-golf, which I love to play by the way. Nevermind that I am not a great player it’s a lot of fun!


Also there is a water park nearby which is a sanctuary for different kinds of birds like the great herons but of course also to ducks and swans.
Of course there also has to be a good place for ice-cream which is Birnders Eisdiele. I already posted about the pumpkin seed ice-cream which I had from there and is a must-try!


PS: I did not update because I was busy with university and came back only yesterday

from my trip to Bosnia but I will post now again more often (after my last exam on friday) :)


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