Dangos with white chocolate and matcha dip

First of all I am not really sorry about all this matcha spam. Maybe a tiny bit.


Lisa, Jules and me decided to make those dangos after I showed them this recipe: http://scandifoodie.blogspot.co.at/2010/07/dango-with-matcha-chocolate-fondue_20.html

The texture of the dango did not seem right because it was far from a fluffy mochi and a lot more dense. I think another method would have resulted in better and softer dango but this chocolate matcha dip is heavenly! We all agreed that this was the best part and had to hold back not to lick the bowl since Lisa wanted to save some dangos with dip for her sister.
Good I have left over high quality white chocolate, I can make some more matcha dip just for myself hehe


2 thoughts on “Dangos with white chocolate and matcha dip

    1. Me too! It is just perfect for baking or for a nice home-made matcha latte and is really versatile and healthy. You probably know about Cha no ma already, I love their matcha drinks. Far better than the ones from starbucks one can buy now.

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