Polaroid – Coco and me

Cha no ma is the best adress in Vienna to buy matcha in all forms. As tea, as ice-cream, as tiramisu and as cheesecake.
So as a matcha enthusiastic you can bet where my matcha cravings lead me if I am not baking matcha goods myself.
I probably have more matcha than any normal person should have anyways.
Erwin took the polaroid of coco (left) and me (on the right). She is such a cutie, don’t you agree? :)


7 thoughts on “Polaroid – Coco and me

      1. My cousin introduced me to this place in Bangkok called After You. They only serve desserts. We ordered a Shibuya Sticky Toffee Toast, which is basically a buttery brioche, drizzled with sticky toffee sauce and topped with a vanilla bean ice cream. Life has never been the same again. It will be a while yet before I get to have another bite of it.


      2. Oh wow! The food and drinks look so great I want to try everything out! Especially those ice-cream profiterole sounds like smth the boyfriend would enjoy! Thanks for the link, hopefully I will dream of this. When I will visit Bangok I know where I will have to go and order the matcha toast of course :D

      3. I didn’t get to try much. We waited for 45 minutes for a table and that was at 9.30pm. There’s always a long line. And we did stuff our faces with pad thai just right before. no more extra room for death-by-cream moments. haha.

  1. Definitely agreed! You’re both just, ugh! <3 That mega-watt smile.

    Btw wanted to check out the matcha almond cookie recipe but the link has been kidnapped!! Or gone AWOL. :)

    1. Haha yeah my typical smile for pictures is this big one :D
      Indeed, thanks for pointing it out. I kinda messed it up with the link but I think it should work now.
      Everyone loved these cookies and their texture def. will make them again. Thought of substituting matcha with sesame and make some sesame cookies next :)

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