Matcha Almond Cookies


Finally I managed to bake something again and since I love matcha it had to be something delicious like matcha cookies! There are not too many matcha combinations but the bold green tea paired with almonds is definitely delicious. No white chocolate needed here but would be a nice extra I guess.
They were super easy and quite fast to make (if you ignore the chill time) and the end result is quite rewarding! Mhm~ too bad I did not have too many for myself my friends were fast with devouring them :)
My next project will be a matcha lemon gugelhupf with white choco glaze.

The recipe can be found here:


7 thoughts on “Matcha Almond Cookies

  1. You know what. I’d probably sandwich these with a matcha ice cream filling. And then we’ll give each other secretive smiles before taking a bit bite simultaneously!

    1. Oh yes but I altered the recipe and put two spoons of matcha instead of just one and the flavour was really intense so I got some nice vanilla ice-cream and crumbled the cookies into it and the paring and flavour was perfect <3

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