Keroro Gunsou


I somehow managed to chafe open my nuckles during my krav maga training even though I had my fighting gloves on. But yay now I had an excuse to decorate myself with these cute bandages my sister got me from Japan uhm.. 3 years ago! Keroro Gunsou or Captain Keroro is a really cute anime my sister and me discovered when we were on holidays in the Philippines. Random entry end :D


2 thoughts on “Keroro Gunsou

  1. TOO CUTE. SO MANY CHILDHOOD MEMORIES. Aww, you’re okay though? Krav maga? Girl. Awesome. Too, too awesome. Let’s be friends forever. Serious.

  2. Seriously yes! Keroro friends are friends of mine! Yeah small injuries are a part of it kinda, I always have bruises after training but that`s okay, doesn`t really hurt and makes me feel like I got stronger (in a weird sense) :D

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