Naschmarkt – Oysters for lunch

Nachmarkt - Austern essen

Naschmarkt is the most famous market in Vienna and exists since the 16th century. Nowadays it is a popular tourist attraction near and the market is always full with people in summer. The prices of goods are quite expensive compared to other markets but if you eat in one of the fish restaurants you know the fish will be fresh. (As fresh imported fish can be in land-locked Austria ;)) The oyster I had with my dad were huge and I never had that tasty oysters, not even in the Philippines. Normally I like them cooked but these were amazing raw. Garnished with arugula, lemon, tabasco and onion relish these were a great treat!


4 thoughts on “Naschmarkt – Oysters for lunch

  1. Since the 16th century!!! Got to love Europe for that. So much history, everywhere. I ADORE FRESH OYSTERS. Next time you need to extra amounts for me, cause I’ll definitely be there in spirit. Yuuuum!

  2. I grew up with so much history but there is lots of history in Japan too for example, so not just Europe :D
    Yeah a visit to Naschmarkt is a must-do thing in Vienna and delicious Oysters will be on the To-do list!

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