Vienna inner City

Vienna inner City

On the left is the Albertina museum where you have the perfect view to take pictures or if you are in the mood you can look at paintings and pictures of artists in the museum. And on the right, the brown small shop is what we call a “Würstelstand” which is in english wurst stand and does not sound as cool as it should be. Not only tourists like to enjoy freshly grilled sausages, also a lot of people who have been to the opera come by for a snack. Those stalls are very Viennese and definitely have their own flair.


2 thoughts on “Vienna inner City

  1. I heard not to buy tickets for the orchestra from people dressed up in costumes because they sell it the most expensive or they are fake or something. Hahaha!

    Mmm, sausages sound yummy. Love the view! <3 Great pictures Beatrice :D

  2. Oh I don’t know about them being more expensive but they are definitely legal or else the police would have arrested them all long time ago XD
    Thanks a lot <3

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