Kürbiskern Eis – Pumpkin Seed Ice-cream

I had an evening stroll at the “Alte Donau” old Danube and (accidently of course..what else?) stumbled over a little ice-cream shop. When I saw pumpkin seed ice-cream I knew I had to try it! The taste was quite subtle and reminded me of pistachio but it was very tasty with tiny bits of pumpkin seeds to boost the flavour and remind the person that it is indeed pumkin seed.
Steiermark and in English Styria is a region in Austria, famous for it’s pumpkin seed oil. I heard rumours that they would dunk their vanilla ice-cream in this oil and decided I would rather go with this version. Glad I did, definitely would eat this flavour again.
Le gasp the picture is from my phone, please forgive me! shootingvienna40


3 thoughts on “Kürbiskern Eis – Pumpkin Seed Ice-cream

  1. I meant to comment but I was running late and had to leave home! Anyway the ice cream looks delicious and the cup so cute! I’ve never tried pumpkin seed…sounds too lovely! And I’m taking a tourism management class this semester and my professor LOVES Vienna. She talks about it a lot and shows slides and plays classical musical and yeah. I totally thought of you when I was in her lecture!

    1. Oh then please try some, they are also quite healthy :P pumpkin seed bread is tasty maybe you find a nice recipe :)
      Haha that`s cool! Has she been to Vienna? It is really a nice city to live in. Thanks I feel honored ;3

      1. Yes, she lived there for a year. My professor is originally from Vietnam although she lived around Europe for a bit during her undergrad and grad, now she lives in Japan. :)

        I want to go to Viennaaaaaaa! Like, right now! But also for Christmas too! Hmmm…difficult decision! Hahahah :D

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