That’s the view outside my window and let me tell you.. the snow is finally gone and spring is taking over. Just look at all those little flowers blooming in the neighbours garden! What a pretty sight :)


2 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Huzzah, celebration is in order! Congrats! Unless you are a winter lover…. *shudders* I love naked tree branches. They’re so pretty. But prettier when in full bloom or with leaves, I guess! So glad the view outside your window isn’t like, a wall of the next building. That happens sometimes with my friends’ apartments and…yeah, suffice to say, they never look out their window. LOL.

  2. Oh yes I think I will celebrate by baking something.. maybe lemon donuts with matcha glazing?
    No no I love spring and autumn the most, I don’t like the cold nor the heat haha
    Yes can’t wait for the Sakura blossoms to bloom in the japanese garden so I can take pictures of pretty pink trees :)
    Wow really? Mhm that is not that often in Vienna probably because nobody would by a flat with that view :P

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