My sister and me went yesterday to Hermesvilla, which Kaiser Franz Joseph built for his wife, Elizabeth and also known as Sissi. The name Hermesvilla comes from a Hermes statue which is located in the garden. The building is quite far away (unless you live near Schönbrunn) but definitely worth a visit!


4 thoughts on “Hermesvilla

  1. I particularly like how the building is rusting. It gives it more character. And I also love rooms with a circular plan. How wonderful! But can’t say I’m a fan of snow….seems mighty chilly :/ yikes!

    1. I mean, I get a lot of weird looks for that, because I’m from Canada and all. But, really, I hate the cold. When does snow start to disappear in Vienna/Spring arrive?

      1. Normally it should have been gone already! In the newspaper they even said there wasn’t any snow on the 26th of march since 100 years! So yeah everybody here is quite fed up with snow and we all hope spring is coming soon. So crazy to have snow in April!! Yeah I can guess, just like I would look at someone weird who is from Hawaii and says he/she hates the ocean and the heat :D

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