Hamsters ruining my study time

Hamsters ruining my study time

Since I can’t have any hamsters now for many reasons I love this app “Hamsterlife” for letting me enjoy some virtual hamster love. Aren’t those hamsters so adorable? And ruining my schedule of study time..


2 thoughts on “Hamsters ruining my study time

  1. Ah what a shame that you cannot have a hamster right now. But it is great to see that there are still some people that think about the fact that a pet means responsibility. I really wanted a cat but as I am not home all day it would have been cruel. A hamster is just perfect for me as it sleeps during the day and comes out in the evening :)
    But this app looks so cute! I’ll check it out later!

    1. Thanks I hope I can adopt one soon :) yes that’s why hamsters are quite perfect for busy people who only have time in the evening! Just watching them is really calming too. Please do, it is really cute! Hope you enjoy it.

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